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If there’s enough space, a dressing table area is a welcome element among the traditional bathroom decorating ideas. Also, cabinetry is groomed to comply with the rest of the bathroom, and its purpose is to create more space. Additionally, upper cabinets : have mirrored doors that are angled, so they create the look of a trifold mirror. This specialized type of bathroom , remodel makes a bathroom wheelchair accessible, with features like a widened doorway, accessible storage, push-button locks, a walk-in shower that’s flush with the floor, a fold-down shower seat, a taller toilet, an open-base vanity that can accommodate a wheelchair, and support bars throughout the bathroom. Pedestal sinks can saver or waste space depending on the arrangement and storage options of your bathroom. If you want to open up floor space, they’re an excellent choice. However, they don’t offer the storage that vanity cabinets provide. If your bathroom lacks storage but you have your heart set on a pedestal sink, include open shelves or a tile-lined niche behind or adjacent to it. Alternatively, consider using cabinetry 16 or 18 inches deep, instead of the usual 21 inches, to maximize your floor plan.remodeled split level interiorThe staircase to the upper level is also revamped. A niche in the wall has shelves that display knick-knacks. Whether you are interested in an old house renovation that preserves the integrity of the original construction or want to gut your space """""""


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